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A few years ago, after the lost of my father from cancer, I began to research different elements which can affect the body and cause life threatening diseases. Being our skin is the largest organ and allows absorption of anything that touches it I began to consider the constant breakouts my daughter kept having on her skin from several skincare products we used. I was determined to change the course and not allow my daughter to go through the same suffering which I experienced from harsh chemicals.  So I  handcrafted Divine Love Beauty body butter.

I have always had a passion for sewing. Between motherhood and work I did not have a lot of time available. As the world began to change and the pandemic began to spread, I knew we would need to wear mask. That was my motivation to purchase a sewing machine besides the fact that I wanted to sew me a faux leather pleated skirt.

Social media as we see it today has been the driving force of this world. Not realizing how powerful it is, I posted my first mask I had sewn. Within a few hours I had over 100 mask requests to be made. And the rest was the creation of Got You Covered. As the need progressed, a great friend of mine requested scrub caps for hospital workers due to the shortage of PPE that all healthcare workers were facing. I began to sew basic scrub caps which lead to bouffant hats.

As the pandemic began to last longer than we all anticipated, small businesses began to immerge which led to people needing personalized mask & attire to promote their businesses, my dear husband was contemplating the idea of creating personalized t-shirts. Another great friend requested a mask and a custom t-shirts to promote his business. Behold Lew Life Press was born. As request for t-shirts began to generate and the pandemic continued to spread, Lew Life Press & Got You Covered combined to create Lew Life Custom.

Together, Lew Life Custom is a small business which creates personalized attire, personalized scrub caps, bouffants, and natural skincare moisturizer. We are here to provide you with the upmost care for your personal needs.

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Located in Suisun City, Ca


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